SGC Frankfurt


The Structural Genomics Consortium at the Goethe University Frankfurt (SGC Frankfurt) is focused on the development of selective inhibitors (chemical probes), which help us to better understand the biological role of key signaling molecules and may serve as a starting point to target these proteins in different diseases. The SGC Frankfurt is committed to sharing its research in the spirit of Open Science.





June 2019

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May 2019

SGC Frankfurt will be hosting the SGC science day 2019 at Goethe University, Riedberg campus, on Thursday, June 6, starting 8:50 am. If you are interested in quality control, chemical tools and application in human disease you are welcome to join the event. For further information please click here.




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Georgi V, Schiele F, Berger BT, Steffen A, Marin Zapata PA, Briem H, Menz S, Preusse C, Vasta JD, Robers MB, Brands M, Knapp S, Fernández-Montalván A. Binding Kinetics Survey of the Drugged Kinome. J Am Chem Soc. 2018 Link




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